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February 2016
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Antique, vintage, and collectible merchandise is a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle—not to mention the quality and the craftsmanship of long ago. This year, make a resolution to shop local and help support your small town businesses.
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Mention Valentine’s Day and most people immediately go blank when it comes to selecting the perfect gift for their loved ones. You could reach for the standard gift of a box of chocolates, flowers and an ordinary card. But wouldn’t it be nice to really wow them with a gift from the heart this year? 

It’s not as complicated as you might think, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Our helpful tips will show you how to infuse romance and thoughtfulness into the gift selecting process for both the antique collector in your life and everyone else, too!

Consider the meaning behind the gift and not the cost. If your loved one collects vintage linens, think how much they would appreciate a gift of an antique doily or lace tablecloth. The best gift to give is one that they will cherish and remember.

How do you know what to pick for that someone special? Take some time and study the recipient to get a “feel” for what they like. Is their taste masculine or feminine? Do they collect the same types of items? Think about the aspects of their personality. Does she love vintage jewelry? Does he enjoy fishing? The joy of “discovering” their unique taste will take the dread out of aimlessly wandering from store to store and you may actually find yourself having fun shopping for that “special” gift!

Now that you know what you are looking for, let’s consider adding in more flair with presentation. Does she love to drink tea in the afternoon? Then consider a pretty teacup and saucer set and pair it with a box of her favorite tea. An antique fishing lure shows him that you know he loves fishing and will speak to his heart. 

Another fun idea is to combine a traditional gift with an antique or collectible. There is just something romantic about pairing the past with the present. She is sure to appreciate her favorite chocolates even more when nestled in a beautiful antique heart-shaped bowl. Or how about combining a vintage vanity dressing tray with her favorite perfume? For the wine connoisseur, a handsome pair of vintage wine goblets and a special bottle of wine will put a sparkle in his eyes.

Add some symbolism into the present as well. Research the meanings of flowers. A yellow tulip means hopeless love. A red rose means true love. Pair the symbolic flower with a matching painted vase and she will know how you really feel.  

Once you have your perfect gift, be sure to let them know the meaning behind it with a card. A vintage Valentine card or postcard, combined with a few verses on why you selected this gift, is the perfect finishing touch to make anyone swoon. This, combined with the fact that your loved one knows you really put some thought into the gift process is sure to make this the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever!

Town & Country Antiques Mall has everything you need this year to make it a perfect Valentine’s Day. From heart-shaped vintage jewelry, to vases, perfume bottles and more, our courteous and helpful staff can assist you in finding your perfect Valentine gifts this year. We look forward to seeing and helping you soon!
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Valentine's Day
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