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August 2015
Saving money never goes out of style, especially in this economy. Another way to save money is to take advantage of our layaway program. We were surprised to hear from our customers that many stores charge a service fee in order to put an item on layaway. At Town & Country, there is never any extra charge to use this convenient service. Our layaway program is super easy to use and we want to help you save money! Many customers didn’t realize they could put items on layaway during a sale! 
Take Advantage Of Our Layaway—Even During Sales & Promotions!
Take advantage of our layaway during a sale to lock in a sale price. Or buy that favorite item you see today before it’s gone tomorrow. And then enjoy 30 days to pay for your purchase over time. You can make payments whenever is convenient for you, whether weekly, bi-weekly or just in full at the end of the 30 days. The choice is yours! A small 20% deposit is all that is required to hold that special something. Ask us about it today!
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Antique, vintage, and collectible merchandise is a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle—not to mention the quality and the craftsmanship of long ago. Shop local and help support your small-town businesses.  
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Antiques are the New Green. Invest in the Future. Invest in our Environment. Invest in antiques, collectibles, and vintage/retro.

Antiques, collectibles, and vintage/retro are wonderful items. With so many people becoming aware of eco-friendly products and the environment, we are delighted to praise antiques for doing their part by simply being what they are—antiques! You won’t find harmful toxins being released from antique furniture due to their organic nature. 

Antiques are the ultimate form of recycling. Not only are you not buying something new, let’s not forget the quality and value of antiques. Compare the craftsmanship of antiques and collectibles to new retail items. You can often purchase an antique for less or comparable value as buying new. You also get the added benefit of passing down these items to future generations to create your own family heirlooms and memories.

What’s old is new again! Antiques and collectibles are an excellent source for the crafter, recycler and to repurpose. Antique lovers have been using their finds in a variety of exciting ways long before it became popular! Old watering cans can spruce up and accent your garden. The beads from an old broken necklace can be glued onto a frame or restrung into a new piece. The possibilities are endless.

We hope you will do your part and we invite you to visit us as a source of antique and collectible inspiration! Go green with antiques, colletibles, and vintage/retro.
Providing quality antique, vintage and collectible items since 1992!
Located Behind Eastside Mario's Restaurant
Celebrate The Green of Summer With Antiques, Collectibles & Vintage/Retro

August 12th

Today is vinyl record day. Stop on by and grab some vintage vinyl!